Different size tires require different quantities of Counteract Balancing Beads. Tire sizes are typically coded as a set of three numbers: Tire Width, Aspect Ratio/Series, and Rim Size (e.g. 365/80/R20).

To determine the quantity of Counteract Balancing Beads for a given tire size either enter the tire size manually in the fields below or quick select by choosing Vehicle Type and then entering the Tire Size in reverse order - Rim Size first, then Aspect Ratio/Series, and finally Width.
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1. Vehicle Selection

Front tires on sport bikes obtaining triple digit speeds can experience vibration because too much weight was added, please start with 1/4oz.
Thin front tires with tubes and spoke rims that call for 1oz, please use 2oz.


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Dual 1/2 Ton 1 Ton+ All Season All Terrain Mud Terrain HD/Xtreme Terrain