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Counteract Tire and Wheel Products

Now available through your Counteract Dealer

The Counteract Stud Cleaning Kit SBCK-1322
Contains everything you need to clean stud sizes 12-22mm including;

  • SBCT22 (preloaded with SBR22)
  • SBCT13 (preloaded with SBR13)
  • Replacement brushes in sizes; SBR12, SBR13, SBR14, SBR16, SBR18, SBR20 and SBR22
  • Safety goggles
  • ½” Drive adapter and hex key


The New Counteract Non- Impact Air Driver CBBLSAD
Features low speed (1800rpm), low torque, comfort grip, and variable speed. Designed to be used with the CBB Stud Cleaning tool, the CBB Nut Track as well as many other low-speed applications.

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The Counteract Stud Brush Kit with Air Driver SBCK-AD
Contains everything you need to clean 22mm studs along with our new Low Speed Air Driver

  • CBB-LSAD (low speed air driver)
  • SBCT22 (preloaded with SBR22)
  • One replacement brush SBR22
  • Safety goggles
  • ½” Drive adapter and hex key


Counteract Nut Track CNT-22

The Counteract Nut Track holds 10 22mm wheel nuts in place to enable quick, safe and efficient cleaning.  Mount on a table or wall, or even on a service vehicle.



Counteract Wheel Weight Remover Tool WWRC

The Counteract Wheel Weight Remover tool allows you to quickly pry off stick on wheel weights. GOOD RIDDANCE!



Counteract Valve Core Remover/Screwdriver VCRC

The Counteract Valve Core Remover/Screwdriver is a perfect compliment to your other Counteract Products.  One side is a handy valve core remover. The other is a flat head screwdriver that conveniently can also be used to remove the set screws on your Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool.