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The Problem:

Recently the government and tire industry have recommended cleaning all studs with a wire brush. Studs can become rusted and corroded, cleaning 10 studs with a conventional wire brush is messy and time consuming.

The Solution: The Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool allows you to clean 10 studs in 3 minutes or less.

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Always wear eye protection and a respiratory mask when using the Stud Cleaning Tool.

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Counteract Stud Cleaning tools and brushes are now available for the following Stud sizes:

12 mm ( 7/16”)
13 mm ( ½”)
14 mm (9/16”)
16 mm (5/8”)
22mm (7/8")
28mm (1 1/8")


US Patent Pending 12/831,646
Canadian Patent Pending PAT 68698-1 CA
Brazilian Patent Pending 01810024617
European Patent Pending 10006986.3



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