Counteract users love telling us about their experiences.

For over 25 years I have made my living in the trucking and transportation industry. During this time I have become of student of the industry, mostly because technologies are constantly changing, improving, developing, and I had a desire to achieve maximum efficiency.

I was experiencing vibration problems on the new “Wide Based” Michelin tires recently installed on my truck. In order to cure the problem, I researched several different manufacturers that claim to have advanced tire balancing technologies. One product in particular (Counteract Balancing Beads) caught my eye, not only did this product claim to keep the tires in balance 100% of the time in all wheel positions, it also had scientific proof to reduce fuel consumption 2.2% (on short hauls) by reducing the rolling resistance of the wheel assemblies. The simple fact is this internal tire balancing product will balance the complete axle end both statically and dynamically during the complete life cycle of the tire, constantly re adjusting to all road force variations. Traditional spin balance weights are limited, because they are in a fixed position and unable to re adjust as conditions required and are unable to balance the complete axle end.

I will admit, I was skeptical at first, but Counteract was confident their product would eliminate my balance, vibration, and irregular tire wear problems common in wide based tires. Everyone knows that ALL tires manufactured exhibit some degree of non uniformity and tires and wheels are only one part of a complete wheel assembly. It is vitally important to have your complete wheel assemblies balanced and properly maintained to increase the life of your tires and casings, but also improve your fuel economy and bottom line.

So, I decided to test and evaluate the products first hand, as I do with all technologies, before implementing the fleet. Low and behold, it was no longer than a few miles down the interstate at highway speed and I could immediately feel the wheel had stopped shaking and the hop was “Completely” gone from the truck. I was absolutely amazed and I will not run any kind of tires on my fleet without balancing using Counteract Balancing Beads.

Kevin Rutherford
XM Satellite Radio
Trucking Business and Beyond
Fuel Gauges  


"I'm in the truck tire industry for 20 years now. For the past ten years I've been selling counteract beads to each truck driver who had vibration problems that nobody was capable of solving. And each and every time, vibration problem were solved by using counteract beads. And I believed in it so much than I even tried it in my motorcycle tires, to prove a point to a customer, at first. Honestly, I wasn't convinced that it will work, because I have a sport motorcycle going at very high speed. And guess what ? Since then, I managed to wear my front tire evenly through all its life, and making and extra 1500 km by doing so. In the tire category I'm using (supersport tire), it's a 15% increase in tirelife ! I will never use lead weight again ! Counteract is the solution ! "

Counteract is helping break the Monster Truck speed record. We teamed up with War Wizard Racing to help them keep those giant tires balanced at high speeds. "We've made several attempts at the world speed record in what we call closed door sessions because our confidence level just wasn't where we wanted it to be. During those sessions, we kept experiencing a problem with the vibration of the tires and wheels. But when we hooked up with the guys from Counteract, they were quick to make the necessary calculations and send us some Counteract Balancing Beads. And the result was incredible...one pass to heat the tires up and the second pass to break the record. Thanks Counteract
Randy Moore
World's Fastest Monster Truck

This was on a GL1800 Gold wing using 42 psi. He got 35,000 miles out of a rear Avon tire using Counteract as the only balancer from the beginning.

The best part is he still has plenty of tread left. He removed them because something cut the outside of the tread and he figured he got his money worth why take a chance.

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Record Tire



Installed 32 ounces of CBB in each of five tires on my round-the-world M-B Unimog U500 Expedition Truck. Very pleased with the results for these
Michelin 395/85R20 XZL tires and steel wheels with a combined weight of 400 pounds per assembly. Will use again when tires need to be replaced.

Thanks Counteract!
VR: Dallas, TX"






THANK YOU... I have been running offroad trucks all my life, since the early 80s, and the biggest issue I have had is balancing the larger than life tires... I have owned my 2006 FJ Cruiser for almost 7 years now, lifted the whole time with 35 inch tires... The autoshops could never get the tires balanced out, and the out of ballance tires would cause a shorter tire life with uneven wear, and also loss of mileage due to the excessive vibration throughout the wheels and tires... Think of it this way, spinning a skateboard wheel with a worn bearing, the wheel vibrates and slows quikley, but with a new bearing, they just spin freely for what seems an excessive amount of time... Now that I installed my new tires utilizing CBBs, I can actually FEEL the difference, running down the road at highway speeds, I can tell that the truck moves more freely, with no vibrations to restrict the tire rotation, and my gas mileage has increased...
Leroy 'bandi' Horwedel

I have a ram 1500 with 37 inch tires on it and tried the balance beads in it it did not work the first time but the customer service of this company went above and beyond my expectations to try and solve the problem of the vibration i was still getting in the rear tires of the truck. I did not expect such excellent service but spent time on the phone with me helping decide what was the best course of action and did not seem to rush me along. They even offered to have my tires spun balanced if we could not work out the problem this company is a rear gem in a bad world they will go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied with their product. I would highly recommend this product and company to anyone wishing to use this product now it is like riding on air in my truck. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.
Robert V. (the Dodge Man)

I bought the CBB at the Louisville truck show 2012. I have a 2005 peterbilt 379 and I had a good vibration in my steers between 50 and 60 mph that I just couldn't get rid of. I tried the other balance rings and beads with no results. After installing the CBB I had no vibration in the tires. I was just amazed how quickly I could get results. I am now going to put the beads in my trailer tires also. Thanks for a great product.
Todd W.
Atlas specialized transport

This bike was balanced with CBB, and here's what the driver had to say
'She's running nice and smooth now.I had her at 80 mph and she seems rock steady :)

I have a 2005 one-ton Ford pickup with a 6-liter power stroke auto transmission. Tires; Cooper size 35x12x50 are mounted on my truck with a 40,000 mile tire life. Prior to putting in the beads I was experiencing a 50 mph tire vibration and tire whine. After installing the beads and removing all of the tire balancing weights from the wheels, the fuel economy improved by 1.8 mpg* (13.6%), the tire vibration and whine was eliminated at all speeds and the tire wear increased.
I had originally took my truck in to have one of my tires fixed for a slow leak. When they checked my mileage, their chart showed that I had 57,000 miles on my tires. So they checked the tread. My tires still had 1/3 of their tread left. Based on my calculation, I will get over 70,000 miles of use on these tires. That is a 75% increase on my tire wear. These tires cost me $500 a piece. Thank you so much for bringing to my attention the Counteract Balancing Beads.
Chuck Mortenson
National Health Products L.L.C.
* We have received additionall reports of 1 ton Dodge and Ford pickups getting 10-14% fuel economy improvements as well as two off road Toyota's (over sized tires with lift kits on frame) that have reported improved fuel mileage, one of these trucks over 15%.

I just installed your Counteract beads in my new RV tires. Where have you been? I cannot believe how well they work. Just after the first few miles, it felt like someone placed an air cushion between my tires and the interstate. I am now going to install the Counteract beads in my motorcycle trike tires. Outstanding product!
Jack Gregory
Carthage, TN

We have been using Counteract Balancing Beads for 1 year. Our fleet consists of 800 tractors and 1200 trailers and we use about a case of product a week. We switched to Counteract because we found that the competitors’ product that we previously used was bonding to the aluminum rims close to the bead seating area of the tire causing corrosion. The wheel then had to be buffed with a steel wire wheel grinder to remove the material and corrosion. We have had no problems with Counteract and it does a great job for us.

Malcolm Roberts

Boyd Brothers

Our customers love it! I own a flatbed trucking company in Yankton S D and after many years of using the powder balancing stuff a friend of mine that works for a Goodyear tire company told me about Counteract . We have been using it in all of our tires since then, 3 years ago. We use it in steer tires , drive tires and trailer tires . I have seen about 50 percent better tire wear and the tires cap better as we have very little trouble with tire damage or failure . I also have seen about half a mile to the gallon improvement on fuel mileage . Plain and simple I would quit trucking before I would go back to the other stuff we used before and would never consider using anything other than Counteract Balancing Beads . Don't forget no powdery dust mess either . Thanks .
Elton Wek
Premium Best Transport Inc
Yankton, SD

I was asked to try COUNTERACT but was very skeptical as to its value with the program we had. The only real issue we were faced with was river wear on our front tires, which is normal with radial tires. We had to rotate our tires about 40,000 to 50,000 miles due to the wear pattern. Since we ran the same type of tires on the rear we just simply moved the fronts to the rear and rear to front. We installed the beads in our front tires. We did not let the driver know anything about what we were doing.

With the use of COUNTERACT Balancing Beads we were able to extend this mileage out to 80,000 or 90,000 miles. It appears the beads helped slow the river wear down. This saved in labor costs by increasing the miles before having to rotate. Also, we save one cycle of rotation. It is from this experience that I would recommend using the beads. We did not see any inside tire damage. We even had some tires repaired and still performed well.

Roy Gambrell

Director of Maintenance
Truck It
Cottontown, TN

We started as one of the first companies in Russia to use Counteract Balancing Beads. We used them to perform tire balancing from our 24-hour Road Service Truck. At the beginning our customers bought the beads only to try them out. Now, transport companies and their drivers prefer balancing all truck tires with Counteract Balancing Beads. In particular, national bus transport companies just started using Counteract Balancing Beads and the feedback has been always excellent.
Die GmbH, “Harwest”
Saratow, Russia

I think Counteract does the job 100%. We have over the road truck drivers who come in for it, they’re tickled to death, some call and if we don’t have it they won’t buy the tires, so they believe in it too. Some of my older customers call and ask for Counteract balancing Beads. If you haven’t got it they tell you they just can’t buy any tires from you. We’ve been using Counteract for 7 years. We’re probably one of the first operations in the area using it. We balance the drive wheels, most over the road crew balance all wheels. It’s the real deal; it’ll get it done. It will cap the sale every time.

Paul Wells
Store Manager
Gateway Tire Starkville #18
Starkville, MS 39759

On behalf of Can-Truck Inc., I would like to thank Counteract Balancing Beads for the wonderful benefits of extended tire life and ride improvement. We operate a large fleet in the transportation sector and have greatly struggled with tire wear on our low deck trailers. At this time we feel we have doubled our tire life, which in turn has lead to great savings on our overall budget. We are so pleased that we have now moved to Counteract Balancing Beads in all our tires. Keep up the great work Counteract.

Bruce Johnston

Director of Safety and Maintenance
Can-Truck Inc.
Oshawa, Ontario

I use it in my own trucks and I sell it as well. I have two 15’ box vans loaded with supplies and Counteract. I balance all 6 of my 19.5 tires. I run about a one hundred mile radius of home. I’ve sold the competition products but I just like Counteract the best of all. I put it in my own truck and it does an excellent job for me on the steering axle and the drives. When that truck runs, it drives smooth with Counteract. It had weights on it when I bought it new but when I put about 5-6 thousand miles on it, you start getting little bumps on it. You don’t notice that happening with Counteract. It still runs as smooth as it can be. I sell Counteract by the case. It’s a fine product.

Mr. McWhirter
McWhirter Supply Co
Charlotte, NC

I have a lot of drivers that come in asking for Counteract because there is a continuous balance. If you speed-balance tires, you find that when the rubber wears off they are no longer balanced. With Counteract, it just re-balances itself and the drivers notice that. The competition product sticks to the tire bead too easily. If you get a little bit on the bead your tire starts leaking. I don’t have that problem with Counteract. We used to use lots of the competitive product, but since we started using Counteract we like it much better.

David Phagan
Maness Tire
Troy, N.C.

We have been actively using Counteract Balancing Beads in Lories since 2008 in our Tyre Centre. Our customers were pleasantly surprised, how quickly and safely balancing with the Counteract Micro beads can be completed. We had no negative opinion or complaints from drivers. We also invited transport companies and their drivers, so they could see it by themselves.

Die Pokrishkin GmbH

Sant Petersburg

It’s quick, it’s easy and the charts are easy to understand. For the commercial work we do up here, they work very well. We use a lot of big, aggressive tires. A normal weight balance would require too much weight. There’s a lot of weight on there and it just looks awkward-it never really gets a true balance; whereas, the Counteract Balancing Beads get it just about bang-on all the time and where the tire needs it. Then, for these guys that do run a lot of rough roads, as the tire starts to wear, the beads help it to wear smoother and not get the irregular wear that the other ones do. The drivers really notice this, which helps our business. We have been using CBB for 2 years and 65% of our customers use beads.

Mr. Tim Berezowski
Assistant Sales Manager
Tire Craft
Edson, Alberta

It does a good job and moisture doesn’t affect it. You get some moisture through the air regardless of what you do and it doesn’t affect it like it does some of the other brands. It’s not as messy and most times you can take it out of the tire and save it instead of just having to throw it out. It doesn’t seem to get contaminated like powders do. We’ve been using it not quite a year. It took us a while before we started using it all the way. The majority of the time we balance the steer tires, occasionally we’ll balance the drives. That’s more or less a rare occasion. It’s cleaner and easier to deal with than the powder and you don’t stuff your valve cores up like powder does.
Lindsey Peacock
Atlanta Commercial Tire
Forest Park, GA

In the various tests made in our vehicles during a period of 6 months, we have had excellent results with the Counteract Balancing Beads. According to our operators, considerable change has been seen. We enjoy decreased wear and excellent handling of our units.
Alejandro Ramirez Quintana
Maintenance and traffic manager
Transportes Cerveceros Monterrey, S.A. de C.V.
(Translated from Spanish)

We did a test with Counteract Balancing Beads, after we received a visit from the Counteract representative. After testing the steering tires 295/80R 22.5 we could see a better result in the tire life of 148,145 km. Also the driver was very satisfied and when the tires went for retreading they still had 4 mm of rubber left. For this reason and the good results we will continue to use this product.

Elcio Jose Medonca
Supervisor of Tires
Rodovario LIDER
(Translated from Portuguese)

We tested the automatic self adjusting of the Counteract Balancing Beads. We received only positive feedback from the drivers, particularly of Off-Road, LT and heavy duty vehicles. We can now guarantee that CBB balances tire and wheel assemblies automatically, as well as ensure qualitatively safe balancing for the life of the tire.

Der Autosalon Pokrowski,


We have experienced a reduction in abnormal wear in steer tires, and less ride complaints since we started using your product! (4 years) John Grannan 4/21/06 Daviess County TireWashington IN Great product, "no fuss, no muss". Counteract works as well as spinbalancing, and is much easier! Dave Feldkamp 03/07/06 Lenawee Tire Co.Adrian Michigan The Counteract Balancing Beads seem to work quite a bit better for us versus other brands and doesn’t seem to be affected nearly as much by moisture, dirty wheels or lubricant when your putting the tires together. Counteract also has much smaller, concentrated throw in bags which makes it easier to put inside the tire and there’s no problems such as getting the material on the bead seating area. We use it mostly in construction type vehicles such as cement mixers and dump trucks (single axle), the drivers are very happy with it, it seems to do the job where others didn’t or a mechanical balance would fade away after awhile because the tire wore or mud would get in the wheel. We’ve found it to be quite a bit more useful than other brands so we’ve pretty much switched to using Counteract.
Larry Preischel
Preischel Brothers Tire Service
Hamburg, N.Y

We’ve been using Counteract for 3 years in all my light trucks and up, front and back. I also have it in my own personal vehicle. My customers usually just go by what I say and are shocked after they ask “what’s that you’re putting in my tire?” and when I tell them it’s for balancing the tire they ask “what, no weights?” What I love about it is that light trucks have a tendency to take a little longer to mount and balance than regular passenger tires so: #1 it cuts the time in half and makes the work a lot easier: #2 it’s very accurate, tires wear evenly and they’ve yet to come back complaining of a vibration problem. So the product works. I always explain to my customers that it doesn’t just balance the tire; it balances the complete wheel assembly. I’m very happy with it, it’s not just the ease of use; it’s a better way to balance. I take pride in what I do and this method is more professional. I’ve never been able to balance a 22” rim before but now I can, just by using Counteract.

Phil’s Tire Service
Haverstraw, N.Y

We are a Goodyear select dealer. We’ve been using Counteract Balancing Beads for the past 8 years, it works very well balancing semi tires and we find it especially works well in the 16” on a dual application situation with all the mud. We’ve had no complaints with it and it’s working real well.

Laurie Dodsworth
Civic Tire & Battery
Lloydminister, SK.

Before we start offering our customers Counteract Balancing Beads in our tire shop, we decided to test the product in our personal vehicles. We started by removing the lead weights from the front wheels, then we drove on the motorway with unbalanced tires. At the speed of 100 km/h we felt a strong vibration. That was a very unpleasant experience. The unbalance was obvious. Then we installed CBB, amount according to their application chart, in the front tires. After that we drove the exact trial. All vibrations were gone and no more unbalance was felt. It is pleasant to drive with such a smooth ride. Now we recommend balancing tires with Counteract Balancing Beads all the time.

Die "Fasta group" GmbH
Nishnij Nowgorod

My first experience with Counteract was in a situation under duress. A customer had a particular tire, not one I had sold him, that was giving him quite a balance problem. He wanted me to do a service call and balance the tire. I had just been introduced to Counteract and thought this would be a good time to try it. I sent a service man down to install it in his tires. It completely solved the problem. From then on every tire I sold him I put Counteract inside. It not only improved the balance situation for my customer it also gave me a good tire account.
We started using Counteract strictly in medium/commercial (tractor trailer and large trucks) then light trucks that couldn’t be balanced due to their size and required weight. They’ve been a savior.

Steve Greer

Purcell Tire Co.
300 N. Main St. Desoto, MO.63020

We started using Counteract Balancing Beads in March of 2005. Using it helped us solve our costumers balancing problems. Counteract Balancing Beads offer a simple application with a 100 % approval rating. These are the vehicles and tires we tested:

Minibus-750 x 16"
Minibus and Light Truck - 215/75x17.5
Minibus – 700 x 16 "with inner tube
Bus-1000 x 20 " Radial with inner tube
Bus-275/75 x 22.5 Radial without inner tube
Truck-1000 x 20 "Radial with inner tube
Truck-295/80 R 22.5 without inner tube
Truck -1100R22

Alisson Lohn
Recaprodra Rochembach
Sales Manager
(translated from Portuguese)

I was in Yuma, Arizona this past winter, 2004/2005 and bought 2 new steer tires for my motor home 9 R22.5 14 ply Sumitomo tires. I used Counteract for the first time ever, 10oz. in each along with the valve cores that are included. I was going to check the front end alignment but the price I got on the tires was so good that I decided not to bother. So I drove home to North Dakota from Yuma... approximately 2100-2200 miles.
When I initially started my journey from Yuma there was a shimmy in the front end, felt in the steering wheel and I thought maybe I goofed up, should have had the front end alignment checked, but then remembered that in reading the Counteract brochure it explained that this was an effect of the product and once it finds it’s area of stability you won’t have a vibration problem, and that’s exactly what happened. The shimmy diminished and it was gone within a few miles.
So it seems to me that this Counteract product I bought is more than satisfactory at this point. These tires are on aluminum rims with stick on weights which don’t impress me any other way than having a disadvantage by using them so I was able to get away from them 100% with Counteract and will be buying more of it because I’m more than satisfied.

Warren MacGillivray

Foxholm, N.D

We’ve been using Counteract Balancing Beads for almost 2 years. The mileage on our tires has gone up significantly and we don’t have the tire wear that we used to have. We use them in our steer and drive tires and they’re wearing nice and smooth. We used to use lead weights and we’ve come to find out that we don’t have the problems we had with lead weights before with the expense of the weights and the machine to balance them and also the loss of weights from out on the road. It’s just been great and we love it. We use the aerodynamic trucks and keep them all regulated down pretty low on mileage. I also use Counteract in my own pickup and I love it.

Ron Sr.
Pullen Trucking
Sikeston, MO

We’re the largest retailer of tires in the state of Alaska. Recently we started carrying the Pro-Comp Tires which is a line of on and off road light truck tires. They’re fairly heavy; they range from 50 to 92 lbs. so they’re very difficult to balance under normal circumstances, so we’ve been using the Counteract Balancing Beads. We just started this spring (2005) and have had excellent results on every instance, not a single comeback.

Mark Crampton
Johnson Tire

Since using Counteract Balancing Beads our tire life has been increased. The driver
complaints of tire vibration have been virtually eliminated. We use Counteract on our steer and drive tires.

Mike Finegan

Lee Trucking Inc
Thawville, Ill

I have been using Counteract for quite a while; it's easy to use and quite efficient. We use it mostly on large trucks. I tried some of that liquid stuff once but it all balled up on me. We've had no problems with Counteract. It's a great product.

Rob Peter
Estevan Tire Center
Estevan Saskatchewan

We've been using Counteract for 4 years, with good results. Absolutely no come-backs, no complaints…what more could you ask for?

Michael Browning

Gateway Tire and Service Center
Senitobia Mississippi

We've been using Counteract Balancing Beads for approximately 3 years and it's done a fine job. We mostly use it on steer tires on the front of semi trucks, but we've also used it on off road tires and it's done a real fine job!

Tommy Tee
Gay's Tire Service
Moultrie, Georgia

We have 7 different tire centers where we've been selling Counteract for years. It's quick, easy money and it does a good job without any problems.

Gene Brown
Gene Tire Centers

We've been using the Counteract Balancing System for approximately 3 years now and had very good success. Our customers like that fact that it re balances as needed, and everyone seems to be very happy with it. Our Motor home/RV customers also find it's a very good product; it gives them an extraordinary ride on their RV.

Gunther Russell

Vice president
Texas Tire Terminal
Burleson, Texas

We have been using Counteract Balancing Beads for 4 years and have had no problems with the product. We did not have to rebalance any tires. This was a problem with the competitor's product that we were using before. We had to do two sometimes three times the amount of labor, because customers were saying "get this stuff out of my tires." So I had to do extra labor for nothing. I haven't had any balancing problems with Counteract. I have some very picky customers, who if they can't put a cup of coffee on the dash and not see any ripples, they're not happy.

Tom Shaw
Mr Gee's Tire
Goffstown, NH

I would like to inform you of the excellent success of the tests we have conducted during the last six months with Counteract Balancing Beads. We have seen a decrease in wear and better handling.

Eng. Jaime Torres Alanis

Technical control manager
Especializados ORG SA CV
(Translated from Spanish)

We have been a commercial tire dealer since 1958 and Counteract is by far the finest product that we’ve ever been associated with when balancing medium truck wheels for our customers. It works great, solves all my customers complaints regarding tire wear and we have absolutely zero problems which is the main benefit to our customers.

Aaron Quinlan
Quinlan Tire
166 Watson Lane, Valejo, CA

Counteract is used in a lot of our customers vehicles involved in oil fields and helps quite well as they stay balanced even with mud packed in the wheels.

Brad Fleck
Grand Cache, AB

Half our tire work is both off-road and highway trucks which run 11 R22.5 and 11 R24.5 tires. We use Counteract Balancing Beads for the majority of our balancing; it has proved to be effective in producing a smooth ride. Our trucks pick up lots of mud and lead weights don’t stay on aluminum very well, so Counteract works well that way.

Jim Brown
10112 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC

We've been using Counteract Balancing Beads for the last five years and have had no problems with it, it works ten times better than lead weights and all our customers love it. It’s an excellent product that works and sells great and customers like the fact that they’re not throwing weights anymore. We use Counteract in all wheel positions on everything from large mudder tires to semi tires and everything in between. We had one customer come in to remove “the rings” and install Counteract because he’s heard so many good things about it.

Jeremy Jones

Weber Tire
30121 Groesbeck
Roseville, MI.

Our customers like Counteract Balancing Beads because it’s easy to use, they don’t get a vibration after every stop and it doesn’t clump up like the other brands. They also seem to think that it’s the best product out there for balancing and would never use anything else after they’ve used it.

Bill Cross

Cross Truck Equipment Co. Inc.
1801 Perry Drive S.W., Canton, OH

When I heard about the product for the first time, I did not believe in it very much, but because of my professionalism I resolved to trust and did a test on a couple of new front tires in a vehicle Mercedes Benz, 1935, who works in different transportations. I had a quite positive result. The same vehicle, which normally went 100.000 km with traditional balancing, after placing the Counteract Balancing Beads, went round 185.000km, increasing significantly tire life. I will keep on using the product for the proved economy savings in wear and tear of the tires. The experience is really valid.

Luiz Fernando Ribeiro Reis
Gama Transportes
Sete Lagoas, Brazil
(Translated from Portuguese)

We have been using Counteract Balancing Beads for about 2 years. We like the product because of its ease of use, it saves time over lead weight balancing and we don’t have any complaints whatsoever from our customers that use it. We also balance trailer tires with Counteract because once the customer recognizes the value and benefits they come back and use it again without having to try and make the sale. Another thing we like is it’s not as moisture sensitive as some of the other brands; it doesn’t “ball up” due to moisture. The competitors’ product might be a little less money but we’ve tried them and came back to Counteract because it’s a much superior product.

Thank you for a good product.

Rick Greg
Springdale Recappers, Inc.
Springdale, AR.

We have been using Counteract for about 2 years, and have had 100% positive feedback from our customers. Our techs like it because it's easy to install & there are no comebacks. Once a customer has tried Counteract they insist that we use it every time they install new tires. It's nice to be able to recommend a product and know for sure our customers will be happy.

Lloyd Sauer
Athens Commercial Tire
Athens, Georgia

We use Counteract on dump trucks and tractor trailers, drive wheels and steering.
The product does a really good job. I would recommend it to anybody.

Steve Carey
Carey Concrete
Wayne, West Virginia

For 4 years Carolina Tank Lines has used Counteract Balancing Beads. We have increased our steer tire life by at least 20% and eliminated ride complaints from our drivers.
Thank you for an excellent product.

Dave Flowers

Maintenance Manager
Carolina Tank Lines Inc.
Burlington, NC
200 Trailers - 125 Tractors

I have been using your beads for about 6 months now and have found it to work very well on our trucks and trailers. We run to California and back, everyday, with 80 trucks and trailers. It is very important to me for our units to get the best ride and best fuel mileage possible. Your beads make that happen for me.
Jeff Harrison
Delta Express, Scott City, MO

We suggest balancing most of the truck tires that we mount with Counteract Balancing beads. We found that trucks with aluminum rims tend to sling the stick on weights often. With Counteract they are not worried about a tire being out of balance. Counteract is a great product, and we look forward to satisfying our customers balancing needs with Counteract.

Jimmy Shumakes
Heinschel Truck Tire
Texarkana, TX

Dugco Supply has been actively promoting Counteract Balancing Beads for over 5 years. During this time we have experienced tremendous success with the product. Its ease of application and overall excellent performance have made Counteract one of the main products in our overall product offering.
Albert Sealy
Dugco Supply
College Park, Georgia

Counteract Balancing Beads are a trouble free product and I have not had a single complaint. You could not make a product easier to sell, our customers love the cleanliness (of the product), with your guarantee and confidence: it's a distributor’s dream
Jeff Prier
Prier Tire Supply
Golden, MO

Cavalier Transport Services, with a fleet of 200 tractor trailers, has been using Counteract Balancing Beads for some time. CBB has performed very well and we have only positive things to say. The bag-in-bag system is really handy. I am very happy with the product.

Tim Harkness
Cavalier Transport Service
Bolton, ON

I sell Counteract Balancing Beads to over 90% of the steering tires that I sell here. My customers like the product and have no problems with it. I also sell it for use in motorcycles, motor homes, off road 4x4's, bus companies and Transports, and it works well in these applications.

Jim Reed
Beverly Tire
Concord, ON

We started using Counteract Balancing Beads in 2005. We were able to resolve our costumers balancing problems by using this new system, with 100% approval. It is quiet handy and easy to use. Following is a list of vehicles and tires, with and without inner tubes, where we are using Counteract Balancing Beads:
Minibus-750x16 " common; 750 x 16 " radial with inner tube;
Minibus-215/75 x 17.5 "radial without inner tube
Minibus - 700 x 16 "with inner tube Bus - 1000 x 20 "radial with inner tube
Bus - 275/75 x 22.5 "radial without camera air
Truck - 1000x20 "radial with inner tube
S10 - 31x10.5 R 15 radial without inner tube

Auto Peças Kohlrausch Ltda
Osório, Brazil
(Translated from Portuguese)

With regards to the many experiences we have had with your balancing products over the last four years, we at Tiremaster Ltd. would like to express the fine performance you have achieved. Not only has your product reduced front-end vibration on all OEM manufacturers, it has also extended our customer's tire life through even tire wear. We sell over 20,000 new tires annually and manufacture 60,000 Bandag retreads annually. Your product is very easy to install and cleans simply from the casing we retread, leaving no visible signs of its original presence. ... Keep up the good work.

Brad Hawke
Toronto, Ontario

Eastman Tire Supplies Inc. has been selling Counteract to Tire shops in Pennsylvania for several years. This product has worked well for us. Customers like the ride it gives and that it doesn't clump with moisture.
David Harrington
Eastman Tire Supplies
Butler, Pennsylvania

Your product is by far the most consistent and asked for product in our area. We have been selling Counteract for three years and our customers ask for it by name. Thank you for such an innovative product.

Gordon Geter

Southern Tire Mart
Vidalia, Louisiana

We did a test with Counteract Balancing Beads, after receiving recommendations from other transport companies, who already tested it. We verified quite satisfactory results. The front set of tires (11.00 x22) that we used reached a mark of 140.000 Km. We confirm and approve the efficiency of this new balancing system.

Rômulo Chequer

Fleet Manager
Sete Lagoas,Brazil
(Translated from Portuguese)
I purchased the Counteract Balance Beads at the Dallas truck show. I purchased them for my trailer tires as I already had balancers on my truck. I didn't realize how cheap the beads were compared to the other balancers out there. I love them. They smoothed out the tires and helped make my whole rig ride that much better. Thank you Counteract!
Jackie W
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